Judge: Philosophy and Freedom in the First Person (book cover)

About the Book

Here is your invitation to an extraordinary journey through the intersections of philosophy and law. In this captivating book, Paul McKeever presents a powerful new method of considering the world's most famously long-standing, unresolved philosophical problems. He also demonstrates, in an entertaining and convincing way, the practical importance of achieving solutions to such problems.

In each chapter, McKeever places you in the role of a presiding judge, meticulously analyzing a vexing legal dispute rooted in a long-standing philosophical paradox or dilemma. You will discover that, in each case, the elusiveness of the solution to the philosophical puzzle stems from the perspective from which philosophers have considered it. You will witness the transformative power of McKeever's new philosophical method as you skillfully apply its solutions to each court case, and are illuminated by the profound impact of philosophical thinking on real-world problems.

"JUDGE" is an eye-opening exploration, offering thinkers from all fields of endeavour an uncharted perspective on the timeless mysteries that shape our understanding of the world. Whether you are a philosophy student, a law professor, a physician, a police officer, a baker, an artist, a legislator, a political activist, or someone who is preparing for a world in which the proper adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence will require a command of effective philosophical problem-solving skills: prepare to challenge your intellect and reshape your perceptions in this riveting fusion of philosophy and law.


- Are “facts” trumped by your perceptions/beliefs/feelings/assertions?

- The Problem of Identity vs. Change: Is the old grey mare what she used to be?

- Do you perceive the external world? As it really is? Does it exist? Can you know it to exist?

- The Problem of Universals: What do all commonalities have in common?

- What is meaning?: If your neighbor claims that everything he says is a lie, is he telling the truth?

- What is truth? If it’s a fact that you will murder someone tomorrow, do you have the freedom and power not to do so?

- The Problem of Causality: what causes a tennis ball to bounce?

- The Problem of Induction: If you’ve only seen white swans, can you say with certainty that all swans are white?

- Is “free will” a myth? Is the future written? Do you already have a fate?

- The IS-OUGHT Problem: Are goodness and virtue subjective? One-size-fits-all? Dependent on the situation? A myth?

- What is justice?

- Are natural rights a myth?

- What is freedom?

About the Author

Born and raised in Canada, Paul McKeever holds Honours Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in experimental psychology. Before studying law, he conducted multiple target tracking experiments on human subjects to gain scientific insight into human perception and cognition. With a background in computer science and learning machines, he has developed computer models of human performance. He earned his law degree in 1995 and has practised employment and human rights litigation since 1997. Since 1999 he has been interviewed many times on television and radio in connection with the legal, philosophical and electoral implications of current events and social movements including everything from DNA registries and censorship, to terrorism, land claims activism, taxation, health care, and climate fighting. Since 2002, he has been the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, an officially registered political party that defends the individual’s freedom to make rational choices for himself or herself. He has been called upon to give testimony in both provincial and federal legislative committee hearings. His op-eds have been published in the Toronto Star and in the Financial Post. In 2010, he produced “The Principle of Pot”, a documentary that placed in a philosophical context the evolving activism strategies of Marc Emery, who arguably has been the world’s most famous and effective advocate of ending cannabis prohibition.

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